Thursday, December 22, 2011


Another original card from Seymour and Ruth, who are yet again facing the Christmas season waiting for the birth of a baby. At the time Seymour was working for Fleischer Studios.

Christmas was a hugely important holiday for the Fleischer Studios people. Staff came from many different backgrounds, many of them were first generation Americans... and they represented many different religions. But no matter their background or religion, they all seemed to think Christmas was yet another great way to have a good time together.

They had a really big and crazy Christmas party in a rented theater or restaurant, exchanged these hand made and personalized Christmas cards with each other… and had a rousing good time. To see more about how Fleischer Studios staff celebrated Christmas, including more of the original Christmas cards created by staff... plus rare footage of a home made movie during one of these 1930’s Christmas parties….

Click on the word 'Museum' near the top of the page (under Fleischer Studios).  This will take you to the Fleischer Studios Museum site where you can click to enter the exhibit, entitled 'Christmas.'

Enjoy and Merry Christmas… 
and watch this Blog in early 2012 for the next postings on some of the interesting ‘technical’ things Seymour was involved with. 

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