Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bachelor Dinner for Seymour Kneitel...

December 1931

This photo of Seymour Kneitel’s bachelor party was taken exactly eighty years ago, in New York City at the Blue Ribbon Restaurant, December, 1931. Seymour (front row center) met his future wife, Ruth Fleischer, while both were working at Fleischer Studios. Max Fleischer, Seymour’s soon to be father-in-law is in the front row, far left.

The staff at Fleischer Studios during the late 1920’s and 1930’s often celebrated occasions like this together. Staff also joined the studio sports teams (bowling, baseball etc), played cards and gambled together, partied together, and the men held these bachelor dinners.

Fleischer Studios was a training ground for animators and other animation specialists.While many worked their entire careers with Fleischer Studios (and it’s successor studio Famous Studios) others went on to work at any number of other emerging animation studios…. sometimes even returning later to work again at Fleischers. Many of the men in this photo went on to become prominent and well known figures in animation.

It’s interesting to note that, as with Seymour, virtually all these men would have begun their careers in the early days of silent black and white film…. worked through the introduction of sound, color, and 3D…..and by the end of their careers where producing animation for Television!

Seated front row left to right are Max Fleischer, Seymour Kneitel, Roland (‘Doc’)Crandall. Standing behind them are Frank Paiker, Willard Bowsky, Al Eugster,Ugo D'Orsi, Reuben Timinsky, and possibly Dave Tendlar (present but not visiblein this copy of the print). Back row: Sam Stimson, Charles Shettler, SamBuchwald, unknown, Izzy Sparber, Tom Bonfiglio (who later changed his name toGoodson), Ralph Sommerville, Myron Waldman. Collection of Ginny Mahoney.


  1. What a wonderful snapshot this is! I think this may have been published in 'The Fleischer Story' but I've never seen it looking as clear as it does here. Max's expression is a treat-he really seems to be enjoying himself! Thank you Ginny for sharing your wonderful collection, artifacts and memories of your father: Seymour Kneitel!

  2. It's nice to be able to put faces with the names that I saw on my TV screen so much as I grew up.

  3. Ginny, Seymore was my cousin, so I guess you are too! My Grandmother was Jean Tell (Hattie Kneitel) Bea's sister. I have sent a "friends request on Facebook" but have not heard back. I would love to touch base, and figure out Who's who.

    -Tony Fradkin

  4. Hi Tony--- I think we must be related-- I remember hearing the name Fradkin when I was growing up- check back at Facebook- we're now 'friends'-- we'll have to figure out how we're related- I'll check my genealogy stuff,